2021 CESL Review

Exway has always been committed to shaping the Chinese electric skateboard market and expanding our developments and operations into the global market. Through continuous innovation, we have been introducing leading products which boast advancements in technology to consumers around the world, and in turn promoting China's intelligent manufacturing.

Equally, Exway is also committed to building and developing the Chinese electric skateboard culture and community, and discovering outstanding and talented electric skateboarders. The current China Electric Skateboard Super League ("CESL") is organized by Exway in conjunction with Meepo and other influential brands. It is a vital event which serves as a part of Exway's outward vision and promotion of electric skateboarding culture, and demonstrates our commitment to the riding community within our sport.

This year's CESL was held in Shenzhen, China. The competition was held between September 11th-12th. More than 200 talented domestic skaters participated, and after two days of intense competition, a total of 4 champions were crowned for 4 categories of racing: Women’s, 2WD-mens, 4WD-mens, and DIY. The organizers and co-organizers also provided prizes worth more than 200,000 Yuan to the contestants and event attendees, and gave out more than 100 souvenirs.

The first CESL Summer Competition has come to a successful conclusion and we are delighted to have received very positive feedback from event participants and attendees alike. Preparations for the CESL Winter Competition are soon to commence! We look forward to hosting more electric skateboard enthusiasts to join the fun at our electric skating events and enjoy the experience and happiness brought by electric skateboards. It is our honour to serve consumers in our market and the community at large.

See you at the next CESL!