Go to Xinjiang with us! Exway Tour 2023

"In the blink of an eye, a lifetime cannot contain the vastness. Xinjiang's greatness lies in its inclusiveness. Standing on the world's rooftop, you see three mountains standing tall, two basins lying quietly, and countless rivers competing to flow. The snow-capped mountains have accumulated jade and precious stones for thousands of years, with snowflakes flying in the wind. The moisture from the ocean lingers on the mountain peaks, and the light of the stars provides energy to life. It turns out that the mountains and seas hold profound meanings, and only by immersing oneself in them can one truly see a piece of heaven and earth." - Dong Yuhui

In the summer of 2023, the Exway Team visited Xinjiang on electric skateboards and condensed the essence of the journey to share with you...

Our original plan was to spend ten days, starting from Shenzhen, flying to Urumqi, then taking interstate G30 to Kuitun City for some rest, heading to Anjihai following with the Dushanzi Grand Canyon, and then going to Sayram Lake. We would then take interstate S12 at Qingshuihe to go to Kuerdening and Nalati, and finally return via the Duku expressway in a small loop. However, the re-opening of the Duku Expressway was delayed, so we had to change our route.

The beauty of Xinjiang is far more than can be experienced in just ten days. What we saw along the way may already be the best arrangement.

Sayram Lake

People call Sayram Lake the last drop of tears from the Atlantic Ocean. A large amount of warm and humid water vapor from the Atlantic Ocean travels eastward through the Mediterranean Sea, Black Sea, Caspian Sea, and other routes, crossing Central Asia to reach the Tianshan Mountains. Along the way, it dissipates, and by the time it reaches Sayram Lake, it is the tail end of this water vapor transport.

It looks like a giant blue crystal embedded in the mountains. Just gazing into the distance is enough to make one intoxicated. We galloped on the grassy shores of the lake, listened to the crystal-clear waves hitting the green grass on the lake shore, felt the gentle breeze on our faces, and only then did we truly experience the charm unique to Sayram Lake—pure and gentle.


The beauty of Kuerdening is serene, like the backyard at the foot of the Tianshan Mountains. The most unforgettable sight is the vast forests of spruce trees that adorn the towering mountains.

We rested in the shade of Kuerdening, listened to the flowing stream, watched wild rabbits and contented horses grazing in the woods... It created a perfect and harmonious natural scene. This moment of beauty must be one of the reasons why we continue to love and head to the mountains and seas!


In Nalati, in the southeastern part of the Ili River Valley, we glided on dreamlike grasslands, with lush greenery as far as the eye could see. There were also simple Mongolian yurts that allowed us to experience the ethnic charm.

Compared to the spruce forests of Kuerdening, the grassland scenery of Nalati is even more vast. Here, we camped, rolled on the grass, counted sheep, and had afternoon tea... We felt the rare leisure of these ten days.

This summer, we had a brief encounter with Xinjiang, unable to fully grasp its profound beauty. However, in the hearts of each member of the Exway Team, a seed has been planted, waiting to take root and sprout, so that we can meet again!