Exway CLOUDWHEEL ROVERS 165R Urban All Terrain Off Road Wheels

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Better Shock-Absorbing Performance

CLOUDWHEEL Rovers vs Ordinary PU wheel.

Better experience, more fun.

Less Bumps, More Comfort

While riding, various forces from contact with the ground can act on human body, causing leg pain and other medical problems, with more shock-absorbers, CLOUDWHEEL could be an answer to this, as it provides a better cushioning effect to the rider.

Try on new CLOUDWHEEL and enjoy a smoother ride.

Unique Drainage Tread

Distinctively designed treading, with anti-slip granules to pierce through a thin film of water, can effectively dispel water and prevent loss of traction. CLOUDWHEEL guarantee a free ride in all riding conditions, even in rainy days.

Removable Hub

CLOUDWHEEL are designed to detach and replace hubs and tires, and fit off road hub motor boards.

All Terrain Wheel

CLOUDWHEEL Rovers is a perfect choice for users looking for a smooth riding experience, even on bumpy roads. All-terrain wheels allow for traction on pothole, rocky roads and muddy turfs, even if they are designed for urban pavements.

Puncture Proof Tires

CLOUDWHEEL puncture-resistant tires keep Rovers safe from dangerous tire blowouts and flats, much better than conventional all-terrain pneumatic tires.

Slip-Free Wheels

CLOUDWHEEL allows for wet and slippery roads. With non-slip tires, CLOUDWHEEL provides Rovers a safer riding, whether it’s going straight or making turns.

Lightweight Wheels

With a lower density, CLOUDWHEEL can float on the water. Compared to wheels of the same size, CLOUDWHEEL enable less torque loss when start off.

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