Flex 2 Pro
Flex 2 Pro
Flex 2 Pro
Flex 2 Pro
Flex 2 Pro
Flex 2 Pro
Flex 2 Pro
Flex 2 Pro
Flex 2 Pro
Flex 2 Pro
Flex 2 Pro
Flex 2 Pro
Flex 2 Pro

Flex 2 Pro

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Product Information

Specification Flex 2 Pro flex Paragon
Range 45 km 55 km
Real Power 2520 W 3058 W
Top Speed 50 km/h 53 km/h
Remote Smart Rexus Smart Rexus
App Exskate Exskate

Trist-8" 45°


Trist-8" 45°


Grip Tape Shock Absorp grip
(UV Printing OS46)
Shock Absorb grip
(UV Printing+ Laser Cutting OS46)
Wheels 90×64mm (90% Super high rebound) 90×64mm (90% Super high rebound)
Battery 432Wh (Samsung 50S) 504Wh (Sumsung 50S)
Size 972×260mm 972×260mm
Weight 9.9 kg 10.9 kg
ESC In-house developed & customized (3rd gen 50A) In-house developed & customized (3rd gen 52A 14S high voltage)
Charge Time Standard 2 hours
Quick charger: 1 hour
Standard 2.5 hours
Quick charger: 50 mins
Light System (Bifrost 2.0)
Ambient Lighting
Brake Tail Light
Turn Light
Quick Swap Battery ×
External Discharge × ✔ (67 W)

Exway Flex 2 Pro: The city taker

Have you ever wanted to ride across streets and elevations, charge your board in an hour, and set directions with a gesture? Buy Flex 2 Pro! This Limited-Edition Exway creation allows for dialed-in maneuvers at a blazing speed and comes with a remote control to navigate your city trips.

Flex 2 Pro takes everything you love about its predecessor and soups it up. Our new e-skateboard boasts faster charging, a more lighting-enhanced design, 8-inch Trist trucks angled at 45 degrees, and other jaw-dropping features.

Flex 2 Pro for sale

Exway’s newest board ushers in an exhilarating adventure straight out of the box. Compact yet mighty, the Flex 2 Pro electric skateboard is created for novices willing to learn faster and pros who don’t accept far-from-perfect performance and speed. When you step on it, your ride is always stable and stylish as you:

  • Fly like the wind. This featherlight board will surprise you with how it goes. At just 9.8 kg, it packs 2520W of power so that you can cruise up to 45 km non-stop at ultra-high speeds.

  • Control your moves. Ride, jump, and turn almost by the power of thought. The Flex 2 Pro skateboard is equipped with a Rexus remote control to respond to your every move. Don’t worry about going too far – its automotive-grade EBS braking has your back.

  • Ride for hours. Its long-range battery will extend your rides without frequent stops for recharging. When you run out of power, an ultra-compact charger and the dual charging feature will bring you back to the street in 60 minutes.

  • Catch glances. Our Bifrost 2.0 lighting system makes you the envy of the streets. Red brake lights, yellow turn signals, and customizable multicolor ambient LEDs are all there for you to dazzle.

What about the build, you ask? Flex 2 Pro features a wide 10-inch deck with angled elements for foot placement, plus large cutouts for compatibility with 90×64mm wheels. The rugged texture of grip tape is the secret behind the deck’s superior traction and durability.

Pre-order now

Check out the Exway Flex 2 Pro board online and go for it to harness the balance of time-tested features and modern skateboarding technology. With its power and flexibility, it’s the safest and most convenient option for city trips.

If you pre-order Flex 2 Pro right now, you’ll get a branded backpack, Rexus extended mount, and remote protector (plus $150 off).

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