Motor Performance

Top Speed: 25mph

Maximum Torque: 4.2Nm×2

Motor Rated Power: 350W×2

Instantaneous Maximum Power: 1000W×2

Motor Control Mode: Sensored FOC ESC, Double closed loop control algorithm

Energy System

Maximum Range: Approx. 16km ( Real range depends on riding habits and road slope.)

Battery: 120Wh

Output Voltage: 5V-1A

Charging Voltage: 51V

Charging Time: Approx.2 hours

Charger Rated Voltage: 100-240VAC,50/60Hz

Charger Rated Power: 75W

Intelligent BMS: Overvoltage/Undervoltage/Short-circuit/Overheat Protection,Auto sleep/awake

Intelligence System

Power Take-off Protection: Check whether it's in locked rotor conditions.Adjust power take-off(P.T.O) to protect board and rider according to the locked-rotor and load condition.

Intelligent Safety Alarm: Vibrate to alarm under motor overheat,low ambient temperature,icy ground condition, etc.

Intelligent Safety Protection: Auto "soft brake" activation if abnormality such as loss of remote signal, low battery, motor overheat occurs.

Mobile APP: Firmware upgrade,individual setting,instructions,skills,news,tutorial,etc.

Board Configuration

Deck Composite materials(Canadian maple,bamboo,fiberglass,carbon fiber)

Truck: SEISMIC 45° professional longboard truck

Front Wheel: 80*56mm 80A high performance wheels

Rubber: 10mm thickness 10A high resilience polyurethane

Brake&Shock Absorption

Braking Distance: 6m dry condition(Real braking distance depends on road condition and riding speed.)

Braking Mode: Motor energy absorbing braking,energy recovery system.

Shock Absorption System: 3mm high elasticity polyurethane shock absorbing truck pad
90A high resilience polyurethane Bushing

Riding Requirements

Beginner Mode: Unlock speed limit when you ride for at least 10km(6.2miles)

Age Range: 12-50 years old

Maximum Load 200kg(441lb)

Trafficability Characteristic

Climbing Performance 30%(Approx. 17°)

Chassis Height: clearance 100mm

Waterproof Grade: IP55(waterproof in daily life, can be skated in the rain)


Dimension 120×50×20mm

Wireless Type: Bluetooth 4.0 with low power consumption

Battery: 400mAh

Charging Voltage 5V 1A

Screen: OLED 0.9 inches