Is it ok to bring Exway X1 on the plane? +
Exway will receive UN38.3, UL, FCC, CE and other security certification, but the airline regulations in each region are different, depending on the local airline's standards. Exway X1 baggage can be checked, but not sure whether to bring the plane.
Is Exway X1 waterproof? +
The waterproof level of Exway X1 is IP55. Do not use in the rain for a long time, which can cause the bearings to rust. After use in rainy days, let the motor run idle for 2 minutes to throw the rain water.
What is the warranty? +
The warranty period is 6 months. Please use online purchase records, or receipts and invoices as proof, contact local agents for after-sales service. If there is no local agent, you can send mail to service@exwayboard.com. The warranty doesn`t cover the wheels and rubbers and griptape.
Does the battery can be replaced? +
The battery life of X1 is 500 cycles. After the 500 cycle, the battery still has more than 70% power. If you need to replace the battery, just contact after-sales service.
Is it possible to change accessories? +
Exway will launch a lot of different official accessories, you can change them by yourself.
Can Exway X1 be used like a normal skateboard when it's out of power? +
Yes, the resistance of Exway X1 is very small.
How about the range? +
Exway`s range is 16km, the data is based on 70kg as a standard in daily use to test out th average. The user's weight, habits and environment will affect the actual range, the area of change is about 14-20km.
What should be paid attention to when it`s long-term storage? +
If the product is not used for a long time, please charge and discharge the product once every 3 months.
What is the maximum load of exway X1? +
The maximum load is 200kg, more than 200kg may affect the product life and lead to failure.