Is it possible to carry Exway X1 on the plane? +
EXWAY X1 has UN38/2, CB, FCC, CE and other security certifications. The battery capacity is under 160 Watt Hours, so in most cases the answer is YES. Please be sure to check with your airline as different airlines have different Watt Hour allowances.
Is Exway X1 waterproof? +
The waterproof level is IP55. We suggest that you do not use it in the rain because it could cause your bearings to rust. If you do get your board wet, run the motors for 2 minutes to dry the motors.
What is the warranty? +
The warranty period is 6 months. Please contact your local store or distributor for warranty service. If there is no local agent please email service@exwayboard.com. Please see our warranty page for more information. (Wheels, polyurethane rubber, bearings and gripe tape are consumables products w
Can the battery be replaced? +
Short answer, YES the battery is replaceable. The Battery life of the EXWAY X1 is approximately 500 cycles. After 500 cycles, the battery life should still be able to maintain 70% of its power. If a new battery is needed please contact your local store or distributor. If there is no local agent
Is it possible to change accessories by myself? +
Exway releases different official accessories that you can absolutely change by yourself.
Can EXWAY X1 be used like a normal skateboard when it's out of power? +
Yes, the motor resistance is very minute and will kick freely like a traditional skateboard.
How about the range? +
The range of the EXWAY X1 is approximately 10 miles. The data is based on a 155 pounds rider on flat road conditions. Please note that road conditions, temperature, board settings, and hills will change the range.
What do I need to know if I don't use the EXWAY X1 often? +
Please charge and discharge its battery once every 3 month if you do not use it often.
What's the maximum load of EXWAY X1? +
Its max. load is 200kg (Around 440 pounds). Exceeding this value may cause damage to your skateboard.
How soon can you ship my order? +
Please contact your local shop or distributor for shipping estimates.
What express/logistics company will you choose to deliver the products? +
Currently we do not support international logistics, so please contact your local dealer for purchase. You can visit our website and check if there is any authorized dealer in your city. About the express/logistics company which will deliver the products, please ask your dealer for information.