Shipping and Delivery

From China Office:

*The information below might be affected by the actual situation.


By Sea (20~45 days)

By Air (20~25 days)

Europe&UK: By Sea (50~60 days)

Asia: 7~20 days


From Overseas Warehouses:


By UPS/DHL/FEDEX/DPD (5~15 business days)

Asia: 7~15 business days

Note: The delivery time of pre-sale products is subject to the arrival time.


*Please be aware that due to the board having its battery included, we will only be able to see the tracking updates after the board is released by the custom and picked by the local delivering company (i.e. UPS/DHL/FEDEX/DPD, etc.)

The special line for the dangerous goods from China to other countries steps:

1. We send the boards to our forwarder's warehouse for creating shipping labels

2. The forwarder will send the goods to their HongKong airports for the flights uploading

3. The airplane landed at the destination airports for custom clearing (usually it will be fast)

4. The UPS/FED pick the goods from airports and scans the label; at this moment we can see the updates on their websites: IN TRANSIT

5. On the way to the customers by UPS/FED trucks.

We use UPS/DP/DHL/UPS and other local logistics companies for delivery services.

You can check your express logistics status through the express service company's official website (you can see the updated logistics tracking number in your personal Exway account). For some countries, the taxes are prepaid. However, some countries require taxes. If the logistics contractor loses your package, please get in touch with usinfo@exwayboard.com).


1. Affected by Covid-19, there will be some delay in the delivery.

2. Please confirm your address before payment. Exway orders can only be shipped to the country where the order is placed. If you ask to change the address after the order has been shipped, we cannot guarantee that your order will be updated. In addition, you are responsible for all possible risks and expenses caused by changing the address after the order has been shipped.

3. When you place an order, be sure to enter the correct name, address, and contact information so that we can deliver your items successfully.


Flex /Flex ER/Wave /X1 MAX /Ripple: 

US/UK/EU: $78/piece

UAE: $200/piece

Atlas/Atlas Pro: 

UK: $299/piece

US/ASIA/EU: $100/piece

UAE: $200/piece

Atlas Pro with AUXPACK

UK: $299/piece

US/ASIA/EU: $249/piece

UAE: $200/piece

Flex Pro:

UK: $249/piece

US/ASIA: $78/piece

UAE: $200/piece

Wave NASA: 

US/ASIA: $78/piece


UK/EU/U.S.A/ASIA: $20 for the first 0.5kg and plus $5 per 0.5kg

Customers do not have to pay taxes on boards. But if you purchase accessories, you may have to bear the customs fees of accessories (depending on national/regional policies).

1. Alaska

2. American Samoa

3. Guam

4. Hawaii

5. the Marshall Islands

6. the Northern Mariana Islands

7. Palau

8. Puerto Rico

9. Rhode Island

10. U.S. Virgin Islands

11. Armed Forces Americas

12. Armed Forces Europe

13. Armed Forces Pacific

14. South America

15. Africa

Why can't I place an order?

For the following regions/countries, please visit these websites to purchase:

Canada: www.exwaycanada.ca

Australia: www.exway.com.au

The Czech republic、Slovakia: www.stablecam.com

Russia: www.exwayboard.ru

Korea: www.exwayboard.co.kr

Norway: www.elefun.no/rc/hobby.aspx


Taiwan: www.metasurf.com

For other regions or other questions, please contact info@exwayboard.com

Thank you for your understanding.

We try to make sure all your items reach you at the same time. Sometimes our products are not always sent together since different shipping options can be used, depending on the product. Once an item has been shipped, you will receive a shipment notification email.

Refund Policy

If you would like to apply for a return and refund, please contact us within seven calendar days of receiving your product(s) via service@exwayboard.com or info@exwayboard.comto apply for a return and refund.

Please Note:

1. The product has not been opened within seven calendar days after receiving the product, and it is brand new and unused.

2. If the product is found to have manufacturing defects within 15 calendar days after receiving the product, you can apply for a return and refund service; it is not within the scope of the return and refund service due to use on the ground or other circumstances that affect secondary sales.

3. If the customer's reasons cause the return, Exway will charge a 5% order operation fee and deduct the original order's shipping cost.

For the refund to be processed promptly, please be sure to send return notification to Exway with the following information:

* Order Number

* Return Product Name & Quantity

* Return Reason

* Images or Videos of Products and Intact Packaging

We will process your return and refund application within two or five working days after receiving your email.

Telephone contact 0086-0755-84584875 for emergency order issues. (Only available from Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM, GMT8, please check before dialing.)

1. It is requested beyond 15 calendar days of receiving a product.

2. A product sent to Exway for Return & Refund Service does not include all original accessories, attachments, free products, packaging, or any item that is not in new or like-new condition, i.e., with cracks, dents, or scratches.

3. Legal proof of purchase, receipt, or invoice is not provided or is reasonably believed to have been forged or tampered with.

4. Any fault or damage of the product is caused by unauthorized use or modification, including exposure to moisture, entry of foreign bodies (water, oil, sand, etc.), or improper installation or operation.

5. Product labels, serial numbers, waterproof marks, etc., show signs of tampering or alteration.

6. Damage is caused to the product by uncontrollable external factors, including fire, floods, high winds, or lightning strikes.

7. A product is not delivered to Exway within 15 calendar days after Return & Refund Service confirmation is sent from Exway.

8. Other circumstances are stated in this policy.

Refund Time:

Refunds will be processed using the same method used to make the payment. Depending on the bank or credit card issuer, the bank or credit card issuer will complete the refund process in about 7-14 business days.

Refund Shipping:

Customers need to pay for any return shipping to the designated service center (including cross-border and international shipping costs, if applicable) unless the refund is due to performance faults.

If you would like to replace or change the product, don't hesitate to contact Exway customer support by emailing service@exwayboard.com.

Exway shall be responsible for the two-way replacement freight for any products sent in for replacement due to performance faults.

Or the customer shall be responsible for the two-way replacement freight for any products sent in for replacement when the warranty period has expired.

1. Discontinued or out-of-stock products on exwayboard.com are not eligible for partial refunds;

2. Each eligible product is only entitled to one refund;

3. Orders that have been fully refunded are not eligible for a partial refund;

4. Orders in the process of receiving a full refund, return, or exchange are not eligible for a partial refund;

5. Requests for partial refunds can only be made upon receiving your order.

6. Full refunds on orders that have already received a partial refund will be reimbursed in the amount equal to the full value of the order minus the partial refund;

7. Pre-orders are not eligible for partial refunds;

8. Bundled or free items are not eligible for partial refunds;

9. Partial refunds are only available for items purchased from exwayboard.com;

10. Partial refunds are only available during promotional periods;

11. Partial refunds are limited to certain product models and colorways (Not inclusive of the value of vouchers, shipping, and taxes);

12. If a customer is suspected to be abusing the refund policy in any manner, Exway reserves the right to deny and/or reverse the refund. Exway also reserves the right to deny any further refund requests from the customer.

13. Requests for partial refunds are only available for orders made the week before any promotional period. The request must be made within the week of receiving the order, otherwise, the request will be deemed ineligible for a partial refund.

*Delivery status based on tracking details provided by the courier.

14. A partial refund request can only be made for the same model/colorway of the product.

15. Any additional charges resulting from system error or other reasons during the promotional period are eligible for a refund of the charged amount.


*Exway reserves the right to amend the terms based on current circumstances.

Maintenance Service

1. The warranty starts on the date that the board is received and is valid for 6 months for X1 Pro Hub/Riot, Flex ER,Flex PRO, Wave Hub/Riot, X1 Max Riot/Hub, Atlas/Atlas Pro-2WD/4WD, and 12 months for Flex Riot/Hub. The customer must provide valid proof of purchase for warranty coverage. Replacement parts are available for sale after the warranty period is over.

2. Batteries, ESCs, Remote Controls have a 6-month warranty (when the customer buys the parts separately) from the date the package is delivered to the customer.

3. Other product accessories do not provide warranty service.

The following accessories enjoy a 6-month warranty:


Deck / Trucks / Motors / ESC/ Remote / Charger/ Battery

1. Wheels, Bearings, Bushings, Belts, and Grip Tape are considered wearable and tear items and will not be covered.

2. Damage caused by improper use, improper maintenance, or improper storage.

3. Any damage outside of normal wear and tear.

4. Damage caused by unauthorized repairs of the product.

5. The water-resistance of the skateboard is IP55, which is resistant to splashes and dust under normal conditions, but if you ride in a puddle or where the water level is high, or even immerse your skateboard in water, the water is likely to enter the electrical parts and damage the part.

6. Please do not ride in the rain or any wet ground with water, this will cause a high risk of water damage and may cause the motor bearings to rust and make noise.

7. Free products.

1. Avoid using in the rain, mud, or otherwise damaging conditions.

2. After using your Exway, please use a clean rag to wipe the surface to avoid water stains and to prevent corrosion and dust accumulation.

3. Do not clean the board with any chemicals or solvents.

4. It is recommended to use a computer to charge the remote control, or please use a 5V, 1.5A charger to charge the remote control.

5. Do not store the Exway in humid, high-temperature environments and away from flammable and explosive materials.

6. If your skateboard will not be used for a long time, please store the charged skateboard and charge and discharge the product at least once a month to maintain the power at about 60%.

7. All Exway skateboards use FOC sine-wave ESCs and therefore produce a slight humming sound when turned on.

Self Maintenance:

Thank to the modularization designs, it is easy to take off the parts from the unit. Exway can send customers dedicated replacement parts and tools for repairing and maintenance.


We accept all major credit cards and Debit cards as a method of payment as well as, PayPal,  and financing with Klarna for residents in the US.

On the page of the shipping address confirmations, you will see an empty section that allows you to insert your coupon codes which require applying 1 code each time

Unfortunately, we cannot change the shipment once the product is en route,but you can cancel an order within 48 hours and reorder with accurate details.


If the order is canceled by the customer more than 1 hour after placing an order, the customer must bear any return shipping fees that may apply.

If the wrong address is provided by the customer, and this leads to the package being lost or otherwise becoming unrecoverable, the customer shall bear the loss. Exway will not replace the order or issue a refund.

Please check your items and information very carefully before you go to the payment page. If the circumstance requires adjusting any matter, please contact email  info@exwayboard.com

Yes! Just select Klarna at checkout. Klarna gives riders the option to finance their Exwayboard. Currently, Klarna is only available for US orders only.

Why was I denied Klarna financing for my Exwayboard?

Financing is controlled by a credit check that Klarna performs and is confidential between you and Klarna. If there are any difficulties securing financing it may be worth calling Klarna a call and seeing if it can be solved at 1(844) 552-7621 Klarna is a lender and will be financing the order amount very much like a credit card or any line of credit. Any questions about financing your purchase needs to be directed to Klarna. 

Smart Phone Enabled App (Exway APP)

Read all the real-time riding info. Adjust acceleration and braking curves to maximize range, increase power and update your firmware. Customize your ride from one most advanced but easy App.

Downloading the ExSkate App

To access certain features on your board (3rd gen and above), you may need to connect it to the ExSkate app. Download the app by scanning the QR codes below or searching for "ExSkate" on the App Store/Play Store.

If you have an R1 or R2 remote, please download the Exway app instead. The ExSkate app only supports third generation hardware and above like the R3 remote.

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