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Exway Branded All Terrain CloudWheel

Customized Brand New Core is made from a new formula and material resulting in superior product that is MANY times more durable than the stock Cloudwheel core

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Product description

Exway CloudWheel 100% Replacement Guarantee:

if the wheel core breaks under normal use!

New Core: Different Formula and Material, Many times more durable than the previous one.

Size: 120mm / 105mm.

Color: Black/ Orange/ Blue/ Red/ etc.

Lead Time

120mm size Wheels will be shipped on May.20th

105mm size Wheels will be shipped on June.25th

  • 4 Wheel Pack: 4 x CloudWheels.
  • Combo Pack: 4 x CloudWheels + 2 x Customized (pulleys, belts, and motor protective covers).
  • Accessory Pack: 2 x Customized (pulleys, belts, and motor protective covers).


Patented Damping Foam Core Technology 
The CLOUDWHEEL With the damping foam core filters out most of the vibrations than the regular wheel.
Using Iwonder CLOUDWHEEL, you don’t want to use the other skateboard wheels anymore.
This is a major innovation in the history of skateboarding.
Controllable deformation amount
Reduce mileage loss caused by excessive wheel deformation during taxiing due to too soft wheels.

Curved wheel and unique tread
The curved tread design makes the skateboard effectively increase the grip and anti-skid force of the wheel in the case of high-speed sliding.
All-terrain wheel
Not only applicable to general urban roads but also to conquer bumpy roads, potholes, and turfs.
Not afraid of puncture
Safer than all-terrain pneumatic tires, not afraid of puncture, air leakage, or flat tires.
Cloud wheels have a lower density and can float on the water, reducing torque consumption when starting electric skateboards compared to wheels of the same size.