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Flex ER
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Flex ER

Swappable Drivetrain
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The new ER pack will be available as a standalone purchase, however, please note that the new ER pack is not compatible with the original Flex due to the updated battery design.

For owners of the original Flex, the Exway R&D team is considering developing a separate ER pack compatible with the original Flex, so stay tuned for updates, and thank you all for your continued support!

The ER pack uses 21700 4000mAh 3.65V high discharge li-ion cells in a 12S2P configuration. The pack has a rated capacity of 345Wh.

The Flex ER ships from mainland China for now, and we expect US customers to start receiving the new Flex ER in mid-July, and EU & UK customers to receive theirs starting in early August. Customers who reside in Asia can expect to receive their Flex ER within 2 weeks of placing an order. 

Yes, please put ER and backpack into shopping cart and make settlement.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

Pre-sale: [email protected]

After-sale: [email protected]

Thank you again for your support and understanding

NO. Only backpack

The All-New Flex ER

The All-New Flex ER

Redefining Ride Quality

The result of rounds of attentive fine-tuning, the Flex and Flex ER are Exway’s budget-friendly boards of choice for riders of all levels. With an upgraded ESC for increased performance, a refined deck design for the optimal balance of flex and stability, and an Extended Range battery pack, the new Flex ER redefines value – without compromising on performance and quality.

Redefining Value

  • Next-Generation Performance

    An upgraded ESC and custom-tuned 2×1000W BLDC motors bring increased torque and power.

  • More Range

    Perfect for all day cruising with up to 45km/28mi of range on a single charge.

  • Flexible Deck

    Flexible yet stable, the new deck sports a refined concave and optimized flex profile, ensuring a smooth and pleasant ride.

  • Elastic Composite Deck

    Constructed with bamboo, maple and fiberglass, the new deck enjoys a ride quality worth more than the sum of its parts.   

  • Sturdy RKP Truck

    Exway's stable 45º 8-inch Trist trucks are stronger than your average e-skate trucks and CNC machined for beauty.

  • Bash Guards Included

    Front and rear wear-resistant TPU bumpers come standard to protect the deck from impacts. Ride hard!

  • High Rebound Urethane

    With 90% rebound and a highly durable custom formula, these urethane wheels will take you farther and faster with more comfort.

Extended Range

For All-Day Freedom

Extended Range

For All-Day Freedom

345Wh         45km/28mi      50min
The new 345Wh ER battery increases range by 60% over the 216Wh SR battery, giving riders up to 45km/28mi of fun-filled cruising.
Paired with Exway’s 200W fast charger, it takes just 50 minutes to charge the ER battery from 30% to 80%. Range anxiety begone.

Advanced and Safe Battery Management

Advanced and Safe Battery Management

Our battery design went through multiple rounds of iterations to achieve industry-leading safety and stability.
And with the cells potted in a thermally conductive composite, the battery is protected from road vibrations, moisture, and overheating.

  • Energy Efficient
    Regenerative Brakes

    When the brakes are engaged, the Flex’s motors turn into generators, using the rider’s momentum to recharge the battery. 

  • Exway Patented
    Quick-Swap Drivetrain

    Hub motors for stealth, or Riot motors for power and versatility. Swap one for the other to get a brand new ride feel.

  • Smart Battery System

    Recharge and ride with confidence! The replaceable battery pack is IP55 rated with an IP68 interface to ensure the safety and stability of the system.

Next-Generation Performance

Next-Generation Performance

2000W Peak Power      4 Speed Modes      High-Performance ESC
Flex ER use dual 1000W BLDC motors – powered by Exway’s new ESC. Experience a rush of adrenaline every time you take off with 25% more power at your fingertips.

Super Deck Super Flex

Super Deck Super Flex

Multi-Layer Laminate      Built to Last      Refined Fit and Finish
Redefining flexible electric skateboards with a refined concave and optimized flex profile. The new deck on the Flex ER minimizes foot fatigue and maximizes ride comfort without sacrificing stability.

Wait Less, Ride More

Wait Less, Ride More

Exway's 200W fast charger lets you recharge the Flex in the time it takes for a quick lunch, and the 100-240V input allows for worldwide compatibility. Built-in protections for overcharge, over-temperature, short circuit, and more let you rest easy while charging.

Smart App and Remote

Smart App and Remote

With the Exway App, customize each riding mode's acceleration and brake strength to suit your riding needs.
Enable Turbo mode, cruise control, ride mode lock, and other features in the app. With the smart remote, turn your board on or off with the remote button.
Cycle through riding modes, toggle forward/reverse, activate cruise control and more.
Designed (and patented) with ergonomics in mind, the remote is coated with a soft-touch yet durable composite for a comfortable grip.

Take It Anywhere

Take It Anywhere

Easily put it in the trunk, bring it onto public transit, to the mall, cafe, library
Flex is portable enough to go wherever you go.

More Info

  • High Quality Components

    The best materials and extensive quality control, for top of the line products.

  • Excellent Customer Support

  • Warranty

    180 days warranty

  • Early Bird Discount

    Save $100 and also receive the Exway Pro Skate Backpack (value $189) for FREE if you order the Flex ER by June 30.