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Riot Motor Bracket

Only use for Exway Riot motors, Customized design

$59.00 - $89.00
30 sold
Model:RT1-T V1 (X1 Riot)
Workmanship:Aluminum Shell

Package Includes:
X1 Riot V1 Motor Bracket×2
Dowel pin×2
M6*20 Bracket Screw×2
M4*5 Set screw×2
M4*6 Motor Screw×8
M4*8 Protective cover Screw×6
M4*10 Motor cover Screw×4
2mm Allen Wrench×1
2.5mm Allen Wrench×1
5mm Allen Wrench×1
X1 Riot V1 Manual×1

Model: RT1-T V2 (Flex Riot)
Manufacturing Process: CNC Anodizing

Package Includes:
Flex Riot V2 Motor Bracket×2
Dowel Pin×2
M6*20 Bracket Nut ×2
M4*5 set Screw×2
M4*6 Motor Nut×8
M4*8 Motor Cover Nut×6
M4*10 Motor Cover Nut×4
2.0mm Hex Key×1
2.5mm Hex Key×1
5mm Hex Key×1
Flex Riot V2 Manual×1


1. Please use the supplied Nut!
2. After installation, please ensure that the Nut is tightened to avoid noise caused by vibration!