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Exway Wave

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Important Tips Before Purchasing the Exway Wave:


  1. Each WAVE only includes one type of drive train, the other type is sold separately (Example: WAVE-RIOT skateboard only has RIOT DRIVE TRAIN, no HUB Motors).
  2. FLEX accessories (remote control, belt, wheels, and pulley) can also be used for WAVE; Anti-collision strip (bash guard), motors, motor protective cover, and bracket are not compatible for the WAVE; All the X1 Pro Riot’s accessories, except for the remote control, are NOT applicable to Wave.
  3. The dedicated fast charger should only be used for the EXWAY WAVE. Any other types of fast chargers cannot be used because the charging voltage is inconsistent (it may burn out the electronic components in the skateboard/fast charger).WAVE-RIOT comes standard with EXWAY second-generation 85MM black wheels, and is also compatible with 105MM Cloud Wheels (recommended to buy the Could Wheels set, tighten BUSHING when in use) and BOA wheels UNDER 100MM.
  4. WAVE comes standard with rear lights (lighting effects can be adjusted through the app; while the headlights need to be purchased separately from the accessories page).

For Package & Shipping

  1. In order to ensure the timeliness of packaging and delivery, orders placed after August 20th cannot accept any changes to the order or cancellation.
  2. In order to save on shipping and tariff fees for customers, EXWAY pre-sale orders try to provide a combined shipping service for everyone. However, because of packaging size restrictions:
    - Large spares (fast charge, battery, EXWAY 85MM 2ND Gen wheels (1 set) )  can only be packed and shipped with one of them.
    - Due to the large size of Cloud wheels and BOA wheels, they will not fit in the box and must be mailed separately.
    - Small parts such as belts, PULLEY, lights, etc. can be included in the box.
    - In order to avoid missing shipments, it is best to order the accessories and the skateboard together. If the skateboard and accessories are placed separately, please make a note in the “Special Instructions” box the order number to remind us to process the shipment together.
  3. Air shipment to the United States and Australia normally will take approximately 2-3 weeks while Europe and Canada will take around 3-4 weeks (the time frame is for reference only). Because of the battery, there will be updated information regarding the order usually within 12-14 days after shipment. During the pandemic, shipping schedules are contingent until orders have been cleared through customs and delivered to local carrier companies. If shipping urgency is of priority, “we” (Exway) recommends waiting until the pandemic is over or the couriers can return to normalcy (more staff and less shipping problems because of COVID).