2021 Chinese Electric Skateboard Super League

Chinese Electric Skateboard Super League (CESL)



The Chinese Electric Skateboard Super Alliance was founded by Exway in 2021. It strongly invites brands (such as Meepo) in the industry to collaborate to achieve win-win results for the community at large. With skateboard culture, extreme sports, competitive sports, trend, science and technology as the foundation, it collates the quality which various brands introduce to the field. With this alliance, we can offer a rich cultural atmosphere to the community, experienced in our electric skateboard competitions.

CESL is committed to building the most professional and influential foundation for electric skateboard themed competitions in China. We aim to establish a formal electric skateboard competition platform for skaters, and we consider inclusiveness, fairness, competition and fun to be the core fundamental values of the events. Our objectives include engaging in deep cooperation with influential and high-level professional track venues, standardizing electric skateboard competitions and providing success models for future events, and providing a professional competition platform, whereby professional skaters can train for and look forward to competing in the annual "summer competition", "winter competition", annual points ranking list", as well as other events.