The All-New Exway × IWONDER Hydro All-Season Tires

At Exway, we’re continually innovating and updating our products, and we’ve just released two new items on our website that will improve your ride experience. Two lucky riders will get them for free! Keep reading to learn how.⁠

Before we get to that, remember that Exway’s 6th Anniversary Sale ends in 2 days. Aside from the huge savings, 5 lucky riders with orders placed during the sale period will win up to 100% cash back. Don’t miss out!⁠

We have just released the Exway Hydro All-Season Tires and Exway Pro Skate Bearings! The Hydro tires bring your board a new level of wet weather grip without sacrificing range. Each set of Hydro tires comes with a 12-month warranty against delamination. Shop now at exwaystore.

Leave a comment and tell us what you want to see Exway release next. Two lucky riders will be chosen at random to receive a set of Hydro All-Season Tires for free!⁠

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