Exway 15mm 300 Belt for Riot (V2)
Exway 15mm 300 Belt for Riot (V2)

15mm Belt for Riot (V2)

SKU: ABT-15W230P
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Package Contents:

15mm belt × 2 (select above)

ABEC Core Pulley Configurations

28T / 36T / 44T / 56T / 66T

Wave, Flex, X1 series with Riot Belt Drive:

28T pulleys require 230mm belts

36T pulleys require 255mm belts

44T pulleys require 280mm belts

Atlas 2WD/4WD :

28T pulleys require 255mm belts

36T pulleys require 280mm belts

44T pulleys require 300mm belts

56T pulleys require 340mm belts

66T pulleys require 375mm belts

Atlas Pro 2WD/4WD:

28T pulleys require 280mm belts

36T pulleys require 300mm belts

44T pulleys require 320mm belts

56T pulleys require 360mm belts

66T pulleys require 375mm belts

It is recommended that you read the Wheels/Pulleys/Belts & Accessory Compatibility Guide before purchasing

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