Next Generation Performance

2x more performance

3x more range

5x faster charging

The Atlas Pro brings next generation performance to riders around the globe. With up to 7000W of power in 4WD, 170 km range with the brand new AUXPack, and a 1000W super fast charger, the Exway team took a zero-compromise approach in designing the Atlas Pro.
6370 Motors
7056W Peak Power
1051Wh AUXPack External Battery
60km/h Top Speed
Exway Trist 10.5" DKP
Precision CNC Wheel Hubs




200% Increased Performance
Increased Performance
Be it on the racetrack or out on the trails, the performance of the Atlas Pro won't hold you back from maximum enjoyment.

6370 Motors

Powered by Exway's latest generation 6370 motors - more powerful and efficient than ever.

3rd Generation ESC

Controlled by Exway's new 3rd generation ESC. With half the physical footprint yet double the power and increased efficiency, the 3rd gen ESC brings next level performance to the Atlas Pro.

FOC Motor Control

A new AI powered FOC motor control algorithm enables the 3rd gen ESC to control most e-skate motors seamlessly.




300% Increased RANGE
Increased Range
The Atlas Pro sports a 35% larger battery compared to the Atlas, with 701Wh of capacity. If that isn't enough, an external battery - the AUXPack can be paired with the Atlas Pro for a total capacity of 1752Wh. With Exway's smart BMS managing the two packs, enjoy up to 170 km of range on one charge.


Onboard Battery Capacity


Total Battery Capacity (With AUXPack)

34km (18~21miles)

Range with 160mm tires

73km (40~46miles)

Range with 90mm urethane wheels


Range with 160mm tires and AUXPack


Range with 90mm urethane wheels and AUXPack
7056W Peak Power
6370 Motors
1051Wh AUXPack External Battery
60km/h Top Speed
Exway Trist 10.5" DKP




500% Charging Speed
Charging Speed
Now equipped with GaN (Gallium Nitride) technology, the standard Atlas Pro charger is rated for 210W while the super fast charger maxes out at a staggering 1000W. Protected by Exway's smart BMS, charge worry-free with world class battery safety standards.

1000W Max

Charger Specifications


Time taken to charge from 0-50%

1000W (50.4V-20A)

Charging Wattage


Charger Specifications


Time taken to charge from 0-50%

210W (50.4V-4A)

Charging Wattage
High Powered Device, Ride With Caution
Due the extreme performance of the Atlas Pro - being able to hit speeds of up to 60km/h out of the factory, we've upgraded and optimized the drivetrain for maximum stability and safety.
Quality-of-Life Features
Included In The Box
Aluminum Quick-Swap Wheel Hubs
Replace your inner tubes without needing to disassemble the wheel hubs.
Tire Mudguards
Designed for clip-on mudguards, the motor mounts include mounting points for easy mudguard installation.
Motor Crossbars
The motor mounts on the Atlas Pro are reinforced with crossbars for protection and rigidity.
Freedom to Choose
Quickly swap between 2WD/4WD with Exway's Modular Drivetrain
R3 Remote With All New Internals
Supports smart power on/off, switching riding modes, toggle forward/reverse, cruise control etc. Ergonomically designed and soft touch for comfort.
Bluetooth 5.0
Quick-Change Ride Modes
Tripmeter and Odometer
With Bluetooth 5.0's increased speeds and stability, OTA firmware updates now only take a couple of minutes. And don't worry, even if the connection drops during an update, the remote keeps a backup of the previous firmware to revert to.
R3 remote includes Exway's new and expanded control menu. Tweaking your board configuration and toggling turbo mode can now be done on the remote instead of the Exway App.
R3 remote features a tripmeter and odometer
Brand New App and Cloud Services
The Atlas Pro's ESC and remote have been re-engineered with cloud connectivity for a truly "smart" experience. Alongside that, a new app with cloud services is available for the Atlas Pro.
Ride Logs
Functional Settings
More features to come
View the details of your recorded rides - speed, distance, route taken etc.
A new settings menu includes auto board configuration, quick toggle ride modes etc
Support for voice authentication and accessory control in the works, with more features to come.
Add-ons and Accessories
Atlas pneumatic tires
Remote Protector
90mm Street Wheels
Exway universal handle
DIY Rhombus Grip Tape
Exway Pro Skate Backpack