Exway Wave-short electric skateboard

Catch Your Wave

Wave offers better control and portability. Replace a complete battery in less than 10 seconds. Advanced design and smart lighting function. It's the dream e-board. It has everything you want. This is an evolution for electric skateboards!
Exway Wave specifications

Fast-Swap Smart Battery

Fast-Swap Smart Battery

• Innovative durable and safe design of the fast-swap battery. Replace a complete battery in less than 10 seconds and get to your destination. • Standard 180Wh capacity battery, up to 20km range, weighs only 1.9kg, extreamly portable. • The battery pack can be used as a power bank to charge mobile devices, with a maximum output of 5V-2.1A and intelligent adaptive output current can also charge your remote control.

2.0 ESC - Lighting System

• Innovative integration of ESC into the truck base, elegantly achieving a solid and beautiful integrated design. • Supports integrated headlights powered directly by the Wave's battery; activated easily by the touch-button remote control. • Integrated RGB intelligent taillight system customizable in the Exway app for your own personalized lights. (The taillights are standard components, and the headlights can be purchased separately at www.exwayboard.com)

Control is the soul of a skateboard

Well designed electric skateboards should feature an excellent concave deck design, but exwayboard's demands are completely different from ordinary skateboards. Trucks featuring superior stability and durability, with comfortable and affective bushing configurations, for the pursuit of better riding experience, the feel pure freedom.

Deck Design

• Everyone loves concave on their decks. At Exway we go the extra mile. • 8~16mm concave depth, while locking the foot in better also increases the space between the deck and the wheels to avoid the occurrence of wheel bite. • A deep wrap foot socket design lets you have a very strong sense of security. Tail strap warping design means double the fun! • The deck is super solid; made of multi-axis glass fiber and multi-layer maple. • Use full water to dye maple regardless of the cost and with the latest UV printing to create a better appearance of detail.

Custom Intelligent 2.0 ESC

Custom Intelligent 2.0 ESC

• Innovative integration of ESC into the truck base. Elegant and scientific design to improve heat dissipation performance. • Exway have adopted a special forging + CNC process for parts manufacturin, giving consideration to strength and beauty. • Integrated RGB intelligent taillight system customizable in the Exway app for your own personalized lights. • OTA firmware upgrades are supported; upgrades will continue.

Swappable Drive Train

Swappable Drive Train

Truly Versatile: Swappable drivetrain options • A single FOC ESC is compatible with both the hub and belt drivetrains. • The hub-motor drivetrain is quieter while giving greater ground-clearance. • The belt-drivetrain has more torque while multiple pulleys allow compatibility with most wheels. Your wheels, your choice.

Smart Battery Pack

Smart Battery • 24 safety sensors connected to the ESC leaves no unmonitored cells. • UL certified real time multi-layer software and hardware protection circuit. • High-precision galvanometer monitors battery to within 2% for more accuracy and consistency. • Long-term storage will automatically trigger low-power mode. • Replaceable design with IP55 waterproof rating.